Creating nano-robotic applications

man with glassesLixin Dong, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, is studying the nano-robotic manipulation of helical nanobelts. Helical nanobelt manipulation permits the interconversion of linear to rotary or rotary to linear motion on the nanoscale. Dong leads the Nano-Robotic Systems Lab, which also conducts work on nano-photonics and ano-fluidics.

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woman with black hairDonna H. Wang, professor of medicine, is focused on developing and applying unique and powerful nanotechnology tools. Examples include the robotic atomic force microscope system, which will ultimately enable identification and stimulation of single receptors on the cell membrane; nanoparticles carrying genetic material, protein, or therapeutic agents for targeted and enhanced delivery for molecular interventions; and the biosensor array system for continuous, real time, and in-situ measurement of hormone/neuropeptide concentrations.

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