Michigan State Study Finds More Use of Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops on Vacation

Travel Pulse, Jun 11 2012

A new study by Michigan State University (MSU) finds people are using communications technology such as smartphones, tablets and laptops more than ever while on vacation. The results of the study, which will appear in the forthcoming issue of Annals of Tourism Research, show that easy online access and personal devices have made the digital divide disappear for those on holiday.

“Not that long ago, travelers would need to find a payphone or send postcards to brag about their vacations. Now they just log on and send photos and text,” said Christine Vogt, MSU professor of community agriculture, recreation and resource studies, who co-authored the study with Kelly MacKay of Ryerson University (Canada). “Our results show clearly how the changing nature of IT behavior in everyday life is spilling over into our vacations.”