Want Your Kids to Eat Healthier? It Starts with Mom

Time, Dec 29 2010

Kids are notorious for being picky eaters. But whether moms view them that way can determine whether they end up eating enough fruits and veggies, according to new research published recently in the journal Public Health Nursing.

Toddlers were less likely to eat fruits and vegetables four or more times a week if their moms didn't model that behavior or if their moms labeled them picky eaters, defined as kids who steer clear of unfamiliar foods.

Just the perception that a child is a picky eater could lead moms to not offer healthy foods, according to research led by Mildred Horodynski, a professor of nursing of Michigan State University's College of Nursing. Encouraging moms to eat healthier could result in their children following suit. (More on Time.com: Study: You Are What Your Dad Ate)