Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

MSU News, Nov 6 2012

A new study analyzing the previous math standards of each state provides strong support for adoption of common standards, which U.S. students desperately need to keep pace with their counterparts around the globe, a Michigan State University scholar argues.

Forty-six states are implementing the Common Core math and reading standards, which nonetheless have come under fire recently by some researchers and would-be politicians.

MSU News, Aug 1 2012

An MSU education scholar will use a $1 million grant from the GE Foundation as he studies a major effort to improve math education -- the implementation of new common standards.

William Schmidt, University Distinguished Professor in the College of Education, will expand his research on the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM).

MSU News, Jul 9 2012

American students experience vast differences in content coverage across states, school districts and even from classroom to classroom, according to a new book co-written by MSU’s William H. Schmidt.

MSU News, Jun 9 2011

It’s time for the United States to consider establishing higher standards for math teachers if the nation is going to break its “vicious cycle” of mediocrity, a Michigan State University education scholar argues in Science magazine.

As American students continue to be outpaced in mathematics by pupils in countries such as Russia and Taiwan, William Schmidt recommends adopting more rigorous, demanding and internationally benchmarked teacher-preparation standards for math teachers.

MSU News, Oct 25 2010

Michigan State University will expand its capacity to improve mathematics and science education across the nation through the creation of a new, interdisciplinary research center.

The Institute for Research on Mathematics and Science Education is expected to bring together top scholars from the science and education fields and facilitate projects that can address the most pressing challenges related to learning math and science, from the kindergarten through college level.