MSU News, Feb 1 2011

As more states consider universal preschool programs, a new study led by a Michigan State University scholar suggests that two years of pre-K is beneficial – although more time should be spent on teaching certain skills.

In the current issue of the Early Childhood Research Quarterly, Lori Skibbe and colleagues argue that pre-K programs generally do a good job of teaching literacy and that two years of preschool is better than one.

The nation’s largest literacy research center is as large as it’s ever been, with 26 principal investigators and 45 research assistants across five campus departments, their bylines in more than 150 publications in the last two years alone.

Although LARC scholars have always used a variety of research methods, their collective work is becoming increasingly multidisciplinary— covering everything from poetry knowledge and parental involvement to e-learning foreign languages and virtual history lessons.