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MSU’s Maleczka Tapped for Chemical Sciences Roundtable

Robert Maleczka

Robert Maleczka, Jr., Michigan State University professor and chair of the Department of Chemistry in the College of Natural Science, was invited to join the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine Chemical Sciences Roundtable .

Established in 1998, the Chemical Sciences Roundtable was created to be a neutral source of communication between all segments of the chemical sciences community, a major part of U.S. industry, employment and trade. Maleczka will join a prestigious group of leaders from the chemistry and chemical engineering fields as well as government representatives.

“Rob is to be congratulated on this achievement and for the recognition it brings to the chemistry department, to the college and to MSU,” said Cheryl Sisk, interim dean in the College of Natural Science. “It is gratifying to know that someone of Rob’s caliber is representing us at the Chemical Sciences Roundtable as the group seeks to enhance understanding of the critical issues in chemical sciences and technology to ensure the future well-being of the chemical research community.”

The Maleczka group research program focuses on three areas: the total synthesis of biologically important natural products; the invention of new reactions and strategies in organic synthesis; and “green” chemistry—the development of efficient and environmentally friendly reactions.

The preparation and commercialization of new, pharmaceutically relevant building blocks that avoid haloaromatics is just one example of Maleczka’s forward thinking research.

“For the United States and, for that matter, the world, chemistry and the chemical enterprise are incredibly important scientific, technological and economic drivers,” Maleczka said. “I hope my background of teaching, research, industrial experience, entrepreneurship and professional service will be of value as the Chemical Sciences Roundtable identifies, studies and reports on emerging areas of significance to the chemical enterprise.”

Maleczka’s term of service on the Chemical Sciences Roundtable is three years, from 2018-2020.

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