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Holt Named Fellow of Netherlands Cybercrime Institute

Thomas Holt

Thomas Holt, professor in the Michigan State University School of Criminal Justice has been named a fellow of the Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law Enforcement in the Cybercrime cluster. Fellowships typically last for three years.

According to the institute, the cybercrime cluster studies “…the ‘human factor’ in cybercrime: offenders, victims and other stakeholders, and issues surrounding the legal approach and regulation of cybercrime. We define cybercrime as all crimes in which information technology (IT) plays an essential role. A distinction can be made between ‘traditional’ crimes in which IT is used as a tool (e.g. internet fraud and the distribution of illegal content such as child pornography) and ‘new’ crimes in which IT is the target (e.g. hacking, spreading viruses, DDoS attacks).”

Holt’s research focuses on computer hacking, malware, and the role of the Internet in facilitating all manner of crime and deviance. His work has been published in various journals including Crime and Delinquency, Deviant Behavior, the Journal of Criminal Justice, and Youth and Society.

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