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MSU Opens Transgenic and Genome Editing Facility

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Michigan State University’s Transgenic and Genome Editing Facility (MSU-TGEF), located in the new Bio Engineering building, supports the in-house generation of transgenic organisms, embryos and cells lines in a variety of species using the latest genome editing technologies such as CRISPR/Cas. The facility was established under the Global Impact Initiative in January, 2016, by the Office of the Vice President for Research Graduate Studies with the goal to provide faculty on campus with comprehensive expertise, resources and support in genetic engineering, molecular cloning and delivery of gene editing reagents to experimental systems.

Recently, MSU-TGEF became one of the first transgenic facilities in the United States to implement zygote electroporation for routine generation of CRISPR/Cas technology-based knockout and small knockin mouse and rat models. The electroporation approach simplifies the process of generating CRISPR/Cas edited animals by obviating the need for microinjection and reducing the time and cost required to generate edited embryos.

MSU’s Transgenic and Genome Editing Facility provides support at all stages of genome editing projects, including:

  • project consultation and grant submission,
  • experimental design,
  • construct generation,
  • validation and molecular screening;
  • delivery of genome editing system components to cells and embryos through transfection, electroporation or microinjection.

These comprehensive start-to-finish services support all project stages from design to model generation, allowing investigators to approach the facility with a question or a hypothesis and receive a finished, validated, genetically modified model system, without the need for any additional effort.

Elena Demireva

Elena Demireva

Huirong Xie

Huirong Xie

The MSU’s Transgenic and Genome Editing program is directed by Huirong Xie (left) and Elena Demireva (right). Their leadership brings over 17 years of collective expertise and experience in molecular biology, genetics and reproductive biology to MSU.

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