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Accelerator Scientist Joins MSU

Sergey Baryshev

Sergey Baryshev recently joined the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering as assistant professor.

His research combines materials science, accelerator technology, and microscopy. Specifically, his focuses on novel field- and photo-emitter materials and designs for accelerator and detector R&D; specialty and commodity materials for energy and electronics; transmission and scanning electron microscopy, including time-resolved methods, for materials science and electronics; analytical chemistry and applied surface science.

Prior to joining MSU, he worked at an accelerator R&D company called Euclid TechLabs in collaboration with the High Energy Physics and Materials Science Divisions and the Center for Nanoscale Materials, where he was a visiting scientist. His work at Euclid TechLabs was focused on diamond-based electron sources for linear accelerators and novel time-resolved microscopy concepts.

EDUCATION: PhD, condensed matter physics, Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute, Russia

PREVIOUS: Research scientist, Euclid TechLabs, Illinois; visiting scientist, Argonne Wakefield Accelerator Group, Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois; postdoc, Surface Chemistry Group, Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois

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