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Alzheimer’s Expert Joins MSU’s Neuroscience Team

David Morgan

David Morgan, PhD, recently joined the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine as a professor in the Department of Translational Science and Molecular Medicine. Morgan, recruited as part of MSU’s Global Impact Initiative, has spent his career studying the causes of Alzheimer’s disease and looking for ways to intervene before it becomes a devastating illness. His research already has led to clinical trials of treatments he believes could prevent full-blown Alzheimer’s. Morgan will start his new role on November 1, 2017.


PhD: Northwestern University, Neuroscience (1981)

Recent Honors: Chair of the program committee for the Alzheimer’s Association’s international conference to be held in Chicago in July 2018.

Most Recent Publication: Schroeder S, Joly-Amado A, Soliman A, Sengupta U, Kayed R, Gordon MN, Morgan D. (2017). Oligomeric tau-targeted immunotherapy in Tg4510 mice. Alzheimer’s Research & Therapy.

About My Research: “My work has led to several clinical trials of antibody injections to activate the immune system and stop the buildup of the beta amyloid protein in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients. My colleagues and I also are studying other possible therapies to prevent the buildup of the tau protein and to treat inflammation in the brain that accompanies Alzheimer’s. The key is to identify who is at risk and find a drug that treats that risk. My feeling is one of these clinical trials is going to give us the tools to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.”

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