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Anil Jain Earns Distinguished Fellowship

Anil Jain

Anil Jain, Michigan State University computer science and engineering professor, has been named a Fellow of The World Academy of Sciences, or TWAS, for a lifetime of perspectives and publications that have inspired students and researchers worldwide.

A University Distinguished Professor of computer science and engineering, Jain is being honored for his pioneering contributions to pattern recognition resulting in novel solutions for a rapidly evolving biometrics industry. Jain was one of 46 new fellows elected.

“For the past 40 years, he has actively promoted the research topics of pattern recognition, computer vision and biometrics in developing nations through lectures, exchange programs, technical assistance and student and postdoc training,” said Tienie Tan, of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Jain’s nominator. “Very few people get elected every year from North America. He most certainly deserves the recognition.”

TWAS was founded 35 years ago to increase representation by women and researchers from the world’s science- and technology-lagging countries. Jain said it is not typical to have a person from a developed nation be elected a fellow by the worldwide organization.

Jain is known around the world for his expertise in biometric recognition, computer vision and fingerprint-matching technology.

“It has been my honor to work on projects in countries including India, China and Indonesia,” Jain said. “I advised the world’s largest biometrics project, Aadhaar, in India that has enrolled more than 1 billion residents utilizing fingerprints and iris images for de-duplication in India’s social welfare system.”

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