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Behavioral Economist, Academic Leader Named MSU Foundation Professor

Rachel Croson

Former National Science Foundation Division Director and economist Rachel Croson has been awarded the designation of MSU Foundation Professor in the Michigan State University College of Social Science. She recently was approved as the new dean of the MSU College of Social Science by the MSU Board of Trustees.

The MSU Foundation Professor title is bestowed by MSU, with support from the MSU Foundation, as part of a new initiative to attract and retain top researchers critical to meeting the strategic initiatives of the university.

Croson’s research has concentrated on experimental and behavioral economics, investigating how people make a variety of economic decisions. Her research is diverse, drawing on and contributing to multiple disciplines, and has been published in academic journals in economics, business, political science and sociology.

Croson was formerly the John and Judy Goolsby – Virginia and Paul Dorman Endowed Chair, professor of economics and dean of the College of Business at the University of Texas Arlington. Under her leadership, the college saw significant increases in peer-reviewed publications, citations of faculty research, press coverage of faculty research and philanthropic giving.

Previous to her UT-Arlington appointment, she was professor and director of the Negotiations Center at the University of Texas at Dallas and as associate professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. She also served two years as the National Science Foundation’s division director for Social and Economic Sciences.

Croson earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania, with a double major in economics and philosophy, and a minor in political science. She earned her doctorate in economics from Harvard University.

– excerpted from Rick Seguin, Andy Henion via MSU Today

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