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New MSU Water-Saving Technology Nearly Doubles Harvests

Thursday, January 17, 2013

During the summer of 2012’s drought in Michigan – the worst in the last half-century – Michigan State University researchers nearly doubled corn production on state test farms…

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MSU Research History: Evolutionary Study in Petri Dish

Friday, January 1, 1988

1988 –  Richard Lenski, John A. Hannah Distinguished Professor of microbial ecology, begins an experiment with 12 populations of E. coli—all started from the same ancestral strain and all…

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MSU Research History: Hancock Turfgrass Research Center

Monday, January 1, 1979
building surrounded by grass

1979 – MSU and the Michigan Turfgrass Foundation broke ground on the Robert Hancock Turfgrass Research Center in East Lansing, which continues as the home for leading-edge turfgrass…

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MSU Research History: ‘Spartan’ Barley Breed Introduced

Saturday, January 1, 1916
glasses of beer

1916 – Michigan State University (MSU) plant breeder F.A. Spragg created a new variety of barley fittingly called “Spartan.” The cultivar — a cross between Michigan black barbless…

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MSU Research History: Longest Running Seed Germination Test?

Wednesday, January 1, 1879

1879 – Botany professor W.J. Beal buries 20 bottles, each with 1,050 seeds from 21 species, instructing that one be dug up periodically and that the seeds be planted…

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