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Computational Biologist Joins MSU

Arjun Krishnan

Arjun Krishnan recently joined the Departments of Computational Mathematics, Science and Engineering, and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology as an assistant professor. He was recruited under the Global Impact Initiative.

Krishnan develops and applies genomics and computational approaches to find mechanistic explanations for how our genome relates to health and disease. Prior to joining MSU, he was an associate research scholar (2013-2016) at Princeton University’s Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics. There, he developed integrative data-driven approaches to study tissue-specificity in the function of human genes and their association with complex diseases.

His current research focuses on developing computational approaches to study the genetic basis of biomedical phenomena relevant to human health and disease. Krishnan is primarily interested in bridging the gap between large-scale genomic/clinical data and actionable biological insights using statistical and machine learning approaches.

Research interests: Genomics and computational biology, applied statistical/machine learning, integrative analysis of large-scale biological data, genome-wide molecular network models, age-specificity and sexual-dimorphism in health and disease, cross-species models for human disease, genetic stratification and precision medicine.

Ph.D.: Virginia Tech, genetics bioinformatics and computational biology (2010)

Recent Publications:

Integrative Networks Illuminate Biological Factors Underlying Gene–Disease Associations
Krishnan#, J.N. Taroni, C.S. Greene#. Current Genetic Medicine Reports. (2017). 4:155-162.
[# Corresponding authors]

Genome-wide prediction and functional characterization of the genetic basis of autism spectrum disorder. A. Krishnan*, R. Zhang*, V. Yao, C.L. Theesfeld, A.K. Wong, A. Tadych, N. Volfovsky, A. Packer, A. Lash, O.G. Troyanskaya. Nature neuroscience. (2016). 19:1454-1462.
[* Primary authors]

Understanding multicellular function and disease with human tissue-specific networks. C.S. Greene*, A. Krishnan*, Arjun Wong*, E. Ricciotti, R.A. Zelaya, Daniel S. Himmelstein, Ran Zhang, B.M. Hartmann, E. Zaslavsky, S.C. Sealfon, D.I. Chasman, G.A. FitzGerald, K. Dolinski, T. Grosser, O.G. Troyanskaya. Nature genetics. (2015). 47:569-576. [* Primary authors]

For a full list of papers and publications, click here.

Teaching: 2017: Bioinformatics Training Modules; 2018: CMSE 491 – Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Contact: arjun@msu.edu

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