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COVID-19 Screening: Innovation, Adaptation, and Scale-Up

Jack Lipton, Ph.D., is the founding chair and professor in the Department of Translational Neuroscience at the MSU Grand Rapids Research Center where he and his colleagues focus on Parkinson’s disease research.

In early March 2020, Lipton’s research team developed a COVID-19 test that is 500 times more sensitive than tests available through a physician’s office. Since then, he’s called for a Pandemic National Guard of academic research labs, prepared and certified to step in during a national health crisis. In the past few months, Dr. Lipton has authored an op-ed on COVID-19 testing in The Wall Street Journal and has been a COVID-19 testing authority on MSNBC, NPR, and Fox News.

In this research overview presented to the Michigan State University Board of Trustees on June 26, 2020, Lipton summarizes his novel approach to COVID-19 testing and its potential for large-scale screenings.

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