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Arjun Krishnan is an assistant professor in the Department of Computational Mathematics, Science & Engineering, with a joint appointment in the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology. Arjun completed his bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology in India before moving to the U.S. to earn his PhD in Computational Biology at Virginia Tech. Following that, he completed postdoctoral research at Princeton University. He was then recruited to MSU under the Global Impact Initiative to join the new CMSE department. He currently leads a team of students and postdocs working broadly in the areas of computational genomics and biomedical data science.

Arjun was recently awarded a highly competitive MIRA (Maximizing Investigators’ Research Award – R35) from the NIH MIGMS (National Institute of General Medical Sciences), a flexible 5-year grant for his entire group to pursue multiple projects of interest.

This was presented to the MSU Board of Trustees on June 21, 2019.

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