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Earth Sciences Group Taps MSU’s Dorfman for National Lecture Series

Susannah Dorfman

Susannah Dorfman, MSU geoscientist, has been named a Consortium for Materials Properties Research in Earth Sciences (COMPRES) Distinguished Lecturer for the 2017/18 academic year.

Established in 2008, the COMPRES lecture series was launched to promote this new field of work and its links to other areas of geoscience, planetary science and related areas, and to connect members of related scientific communities to help bridge gaps in knowledge and identify areas of mutual interest.

The 2017/18 series will feature topics that highlight high-pressure geoscience research being conducted within the COMPRES community and its significance for understanding fundamental Earth and planetary processes. Dorfman offers two lectures: “The Mineral Physics Test Kitchen: Recipes for Earth’s Mantle and Core” and “Redox in Earth’s Interior: Iron and Carbon.”

“I’m thrilled to have been selected to represent COMPRES as a lecturer and to go on tour to a diverse set of universities,” said Dorfman, an assistant professor in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences (EES) in the College of Natural Science. “COMPRES has made a big difference to my work, from developing community experimental facilities to offering networking and workshop opportunities. I’m looking forward to sharing my work and meeting students and colleagues.”

“This is an incredible honor for Susannah and we are very proud to have her as one of our faculty,” said David Hyndman, professor and EES chair. “She is just one example of the excellence of our team here in the Department Earth and Environmental Sciences.”

In addition to Dorfman, Quentin Williams of the University of California, Santa Cruz, was also named a 2017/18 COMPRES Distinguished Lecturer. The title of his lectures are: “The Core-Mantle Boundary: The other Planetary Boundary that Matters” and “The Guts of Large Moons.”

COMPRES lecturers are available for presentations during the coming academic year. COMPRES funds all travel costs for the speaker, including transportation, accommodations and meals. There is no cost to the hosting institution. Host colleges or universities will be expected to arrange the talks and provide local logistical support. If your institution is interested in requesting a visit, please send your request to Carl Agee, president of COMPRES, with a copy to Shannon Clark (skclark@unm.edu) and Beth Ha (beth3ha@unm.edu). 

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