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Ford and MSU Expand R&D Partnership

Ford Cars

Ford Motor Co. and MSU expanded their partnership to allow even more researchers to collaborate on projects that showcase university expertise and create new features and improvements to meet market demand.

Investing in their existing research and development partnership, this expanded collaborative alliance is designed to develop a wide array of technologies for automobiles, focusing on sensors, lightweight materials, and autonomous technology.

Ford chose to grow their partnership with MSU based on the number of previous successful projects they have worked on together. Academic and industrial R&D partnerships have a proven internal process to evolve, refine and implement successful collaborative results.

“This is a great example of how MSU partnerships can both advance research and help develop innovative global solutions,” said Charles Hasemann, assistant vice president for innovation and economic development at the MSU Innovation Center.

“Research collaborations like this one with Ford Motor Co. allow companies and MSU to share resources and expertise to solve “real-world” problems. The novel outcomes from these collaborations advance knowledge and understanding, while also achieving a positive economic outcome for the company and for Michigan. We’re quite pleased that MSU and Ford are partnering on a suite of innovative new projects,” he said.

Ford employs more than 200,000 people at 62 plants that produce 6.65 million vehicles each year, leading to $152 billion in annual sales. One of the largest automobile producers globally, Ford officials hope MSU researchers can help further develop the automaker’s technical capabilities as it continues to strengthen its core automotive business while developing emerging opportunities and new mobility solutions.

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