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FRIB Marks Progress in 2019; Looks to 2020 Technical Milestones, User Operations Activities, Special Events

15 of 46 total cryomodule units inside FRIB

The Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) Project is approximately 92 percent complete and remains on track for early completion in 2021.

Looking back on 2019, the project team marked a major beam-commissioning milestone when they accelerated beams through the first third of the linear accelerator – 15 of 46 total cryomodules (pictured)– to 10 percent of FRIB’s final beam energy. In this phase of commissioning, FRIB became the world’s highest-energy continuous-wave hadron linear accelerator. Read more about additional 2019 technical milestones achieved and other activities on the FRIB website. In local outreach efforts, FRIB supported the opening of an FRIB-inspired interactive exhibit in August at Impression 5 Science Center in Lansing titled “SMASH: A Nuclear Adventure,” and also partnered with the MSU Science Communication student organization to present YouTube star “Physics Girl” Dianna Cowern at MSU’s Wharton Center.

In 2020, FRIB is looking toward the next major beam-commissioning milestone, user operations activities, and more outreach and engagement events:

· The next major commissioning milestone – accelerating beams through the second third of the FRIB linear accelerator – is slated for early 2020 following completion of FRIB’s fourth Accelerator Readiness Review.

· The “FRIB First Experiments: Proposal Preparation” workshop in May 2020 and the first FRIB Call for Proposals later in the year signal that FRIB is approaching user operations.

· The Advanced Studies Gateway at FRIB marked its second year in 2019, and the 2020 programming is being developed. The ASG initiative features preeminent speakers who present lively talks for a general audience to share the excitement of science. The first talk of the year is Friday, 28 February. It features Agnes Mocsy, who will talk about filmmaking and science.

· In March 2020, the next local outreach initiative “Of Equal Place: Isotopes in Motion” takes center stage at the Wharton Center. The show combines dance, physics, and video. Michigan grade-school students will attend a special performance and then participate in activities exploring dance, physics, and FRIB. One public show is also planned for Saturday, 21 March, and ticket-holders will be invited to FRIB for workshops and tours. Get your tickets now as the show is expected to sell out.

Karen King, FRIB Communications

Feature image: beams accelerated through 15 of 46 cryomodules.


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