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Hintze Studying Evolution of Natural and Artificial Intelligence

Arend Hintze recently was named assistant professor, Department of Integrative Biology, in the College of Natural Science, after serving as a post-doctoral researcher with the Michigan State-based BEACON Center for the Study of Evolution. Hintze, who was retained as part of the university’s Global Impact Initiative, researches the evolution of natural and artificial intelligence, using computational modeling to understand what environments and evolutionary pressures give rise to intelligence, and how cognitive mechanisms evolved.

Arend Hintze

Arend Hintze

PhD: Dr. rer. nat. in genetics/developmental biology, Institut für Genetik, TU, Braunschweig (Germany)

Recent Professional Activities: Referee for peer review journals including PLoS Computational Biology, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, Physical Review Letters, Physical Review E, Artificial Life, Journal of the Royal Society-Interface

Most recent Publication: A. Hintze, and C. Adami, Punishment Enables Cooperation and Defection in the Supercritical Phase, (submitted to New Journal of Physics)

About My Research: “We want to bring about Artificial Intelligence by the means of evolution. The idea is that conventional approaches in software design will ultimately be limited to our understanding of the human brain, and we simply don’t want to wait until cognitive- and neuro-science figured ‘it’ out, but instead use the one process that already made cognitive entities: evolution!”

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Contact: hintze@msu.edu

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