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Hispanic Heritage Month 2015

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Ruben Martinez

Ruben Martinez

Rubén O. Martinez, director of the Julían Samora Research Institute at Michigan State University, is a nationally known scholar with expertise in the areas of higher education, race and ethnic relations, and diversity leadership. His areas of specialization include leadership and institutional change, education and ethnic minorities, youth development, and environmental justice.

He and a team of researchers recently published, “LATINOS 2025: A Needs Assessment of Latino Communities in Southeast Michigan.” According to the report, Southeast Michigan’s growing Latino population boasts the state’s highest labor force participation rate, a measurement of the number of people employed or actively looking for work. But the community struggles in other areas that measure well-being and quality of life.”

Listen to an interview with Martinez on WKAR, “MSU study: MI Latinos fare poorly in education.”

Read an overview of the report here.

Michigan State University Resources for
National Hispanic Heritage Month
September 15-October 15, 2015

Selected MSU Researchers

  • Hector M. González, “Study of Latinos – Investigation of Neurocognitive Aging”
    González, who is also an associate professor of epidemiology and biostatistics in the College of Human Medicine, and his team of scientists, will gather health data from nearly 7,000 middle-aged and older adults in the Bronx, Chicago, Miami and San Diego. The research will include diverse Hispanics and Latinos between the ages of 50 and 80 years old who may show signs of mild cognitive impairment, or MCI, which is thought to be an early form of Alzheimer’s disease. More…
  • Muhammed Khalifa, “A Counternarrative Autoethnography Exploring School Districts’ Role in Reproducing Racism: Willful Blindness to Racial Inequities
    Khalifa, assistant professor of educational administration, found that school districts are failing to address the discipline gap between students of color and white students. More…
  • Carlos F. Ríos-Bedoya, “Incidence of Alcohol Use Disorders Among Hispanic Subgroups in the USA
    Ríos-Bedoya, an assistant professor in the College of Human Medicine, is the first to determine that the annual incidence rate of alcohol use isn’t the same among all Hispanics and prevention efforts shouldn’t be the same either. Subgroups, including Mexican-American, Puerto Rican and Cuban-American, can vary significantly in the risk of alcohol abuse and dependence. More…

News Stories

      • Mike Hamm

        Mike Hamm

        MSU to Aid Michigan’s Hispanic and Women FarmersMSU is helping historically underserved farmers get their start, thanks to a $750,000 grant from the United States Department of Agriculture. “This grant will enhance and create a vibrant network of farmer training across Michigan to help them negotiate the first five years of their endeavor,” said Mike Hamm, C.S. Mott Professor of Sustainable Agriculture and Director of MSU Center for Regional Food Systems. “Our programs will cater to different perspectives and needs while moving everyone who desires to farm along the path of building a viable business.” See the video at https://youtu.be/lX6D6R2UCg0.

      • 100 Questions and Answers about Hispanics and Latinos‘Bias Busters’ Book Blasts Stereotypes – Michigan State University students who are part of the School of Journalism’s “Bias Busters” class wrote a book called “100 Questions and Answers About Hispanics and Latinos.”
      • Bill VanPatten

        Bill VanPatten

        MSU’s VanPatten Wins National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society’s Highest Award – Bill VanPatten, professor of Spanish and second language studies in the Department of Romance and Classical Studies at Michigan State University, was one of only three people in the world inducted into Sigma Delta Pi’s Order of Don Quijote, the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society’s highest award. Read an interview with VanPatten about bilingualism here.

Books Published by MSU Press

Latinos in Michigan by David A. Badillo

Hidden in the Heartland: The New Wave of Immigrants and the Challenge to America by Nancy Brown Diggs

Latinos in the Midwest Edited by Rubén O. Martinez

Nosotros: A Study of Everyday Meanings in Hispano New Mexico byAlvin O. Korte

From Many, One: Indians, Peasants, Borders, and Education in Callista, Mexico, 1924-1935 byAndrae Marak

The Chican@ Hip Hop Nation: Politics of a New Millennial Mestizaje by Pancho McFarland

U.S. Latinos and Criminal Injustice byLupe S. Salinas

Transforming Citizenship: Democracy, Membership, and Belonging in Latino Communities by Raymond A. Rocco

Creativity and Science in Contemporary Argentine Literature: Between Romanticism and Formalism by Joanna Page

Latinos and the 2012 Election: The New Face of the American Voter Edited by Gabriel R. Sanchez

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