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Honors College Student Earns Beinecke Scholarship

Grant Burton

Grant Burton, an Honors College senior majoring in psychology in the College of Social Science, was selected when he was a junior to be one of 18 students across the country to receive the Beinecke Scholarship – a competitive award that pays for graduate studies in the arts, humanities and social sciences.

He is MSU’s 4th Beinecke Scholar since 2011, which is when the university was invited to be a nominating institution.

Burton is from Weidman, Michigan and graduated from Chippewa Hills High School. For more than two years, he has worked as a research assistant for the MSU Clinical Psychophysiology Lab, which is run by Associate Professor Jason Moser in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience Program.

Burton previously worked as a research assistant in the MSU Expertise Lab and presented research about the brain and how it processes emotions at the University Undergraduate Research & Arts Forum (UURAF).

Burton also participated in the Social Science Scholars Program.

“I would like to thank my research mentors: John Waller, Jason Moser, and Amanda Flaim. Without their enthusiastic assistance throughout my college career, I could not have achieved the great honor of becoming a Beinecke Scholar,” Burton said. “I would also like to thank Kristin Janka for facilitating the application process and providing invaluable feedback on my application materials. Finally, I could not have made it to college in the first place without the love and support of my parents.”

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