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MSU Faculty Votes Prius as No. 1 Super Bowl Commercial

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A commercial for Prius in which a team of bank robbers used the car to elude police earned the top grade in the Michigan State University Department of Advertising and Public Relations’ list of best commercials aired during this year’s Super Bowl.

This marked the 19th year in a row the MSU faculty have rated the Super Bowl commercials.

“Prius was a surprise winner that just floored the faculty,” said advertising faculty member Robert Kolt, who organized the event. “It featured an exciting chase with lots of twists and turns. And it included four men in a car not normally driven by men.”

Taking second place was a Doritos spot in which a baby, via an ultrasound, craved the snack his father is eating.

Third through 10th places for ads included:

*Honda Ridgeline, which featured a flock of singing sheep.

*Audi, which featured astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

*Tied for fifth was a Snickers commercial in which actor Willem Dafoe morphs into Marilyn Monroe, and a T-Mobile spot in which Steve Harvey re-lives his Miss Universe gaffe.

*Sixth was a spot for avocados that were on display in an alien museum.

*Seventh was a TurboTax commercial in which Anthony Hopkins was not selling out.

*Eighth place was a Budweiser commercial in which actress Helen Mirren issued a stern warning against drunk driving.

*Ninth place was a Heinz ketchup ad that featured dachshunds in hot dog buns.

*Tenth was a spot by small business Death Wish Coffee.

“A good ad reinforces the brand,” said Patricia Huddleston, an advertising and public relations professor who attended the event. “It has a clear message that people can take away and has something memorable about it.”

This year the MSU faculty came up with a number of new categories for the ads:

*Prius and Doritos were judged the “most creative” commercial.

*An Acura ad featuring the music of Van Halen won the award for “best production.”

*The “funniest” commercial was Doritos.

*Heinz ketchup was deemed the “most memorable.”

– Tom Oswald, Robert Kolt via MSU Today

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