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MSU Offers New Program in Applied Behavior Analysis with Autism Focus

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Beginning in fall 2021, Michigan State University will offer a fully online degree program for those interested in supporting individuals with autism spectrum disorder through applied behavior analysis.

A women and child walking down stairs while holding hands.

A behavior analyst helps a young child walk on stairs (November 2015 photo).

“The Master of Arts in Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism Spectrum Disorder is ideal for people who are practitioner-focused,” said Assistant Professor Matt Brodhead, director of the program. “The program is geared to give practitioners the tools they need to be successful leaders, both today and in the future.”

Applied behavior analysis uses various evidence-based techniques and strategies to improve social and educational outcomes for individuals with intellectual disorders. MSU is already an academic leader in the field, with faculty and alumni producing books and research to assist practitioners.

Like the hybrid Master of Arts in Applied Behavior Analysis already being offered at MSU, the new program prepares students to be highly competent behavior analysts. The program faculty are currently in the process of seeking approval to meet coursework requirements for students pursuing the Board Certified Behavior Analyst® credential.

Headshot of Matt Brodhead, he is wearing glasses and a navy suit jacket.

Matt Brodhead

Without having in-person classes, the new, fully online program provides convenience and flexibility for students to maintain their job and earn their degree at the same time.

“The new program has coursework centered around autism spectrum disorder and applied behavior analysis,” explained Brodhead. It is ideal for individuals who want to specialize their education in both fields and who aim to be practitioners in the field.

“The demand for BCBAs is incredibly high, both in Michigan and across the nation,” Brodhead continued, noting graduates could find positions in public schools, clinics and other settings. “This degree is another pathway being offered at MSU to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst®.”

While the program—featuring the expertise and guidance of faculty such as Joshua PlavnickMarisa FisherCharis Lauren WahmanTiffany Staunch and master’s program coordinator Erin Hamilton—is still waiting for university approval, interested applicants should complete this form to learn more about the program and how to apply when able.

Story via College of Education

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