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MSU Philosopher Whyte Given 2015 Bunyan Bryant Award

Kylie Whyte

Kyle Whyte, the Timnick Chair in the Humanities in the Department of Philosophy at MSU’s College of Arts & Letters, was awarded the 2015 Bunyan Bryant award for academic excellence.

Whyte received the award in Detroit as part of the Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice 20th anniversary celebration at the Adventure Center on the Detroit riverfront.

The ceremony highlighted Whyte’s collaborative work with individuals and organizations across Michigan as they work to address the impacts of global warming on the continued existence of cultures, societies and ways of life.

“There was much passion in the room as DWEJ convened an incredible group of justice advocates to honor the organization’s 20th anniversary,” Whyte said. “It was energizing to hear about how DWEJ’s future plans involve continuing to expand its capacity to ensure that all people live in clean and healthy environments.

“DWEJ has been a dedicated partner in the formation of the Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition. Though no one else but a few close friends know this, I actually looked to Bunyan Bryant early on as a scholar working in the Great Lakes region who set a model of scholarship, engagement and organizing that I have tried to emulate in my own career. Professor Bryant provides a powerful example to so many scholars who are starting out, including many in my generation and beyond.”

To learn more about Whyte’s research and the Bunyan Bryant award, visit the MSU College of Arts and Letters website.

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