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MSU Press Provides Free Access to Gun Violence Essays Through Project Muse

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Michigan State University Press will provide free access to three recent, compelling scholarly essays from its journals collection in a partnership with Project MUSE and several other publishers in the wake of shootings in California, Texas and Ohio. The goal is to provide the broadest possible access to more than a dozen books and journal articles focused on understanding and preventing gun violence.

The pieces from MSU Press include “Rhetorical Studies and the Gun Debate: A Public Policy Perspective,” by J. Michael Hogan and Craig Rood, “Facing Moloch: Barack Obama’s National Eulogies and Gun Violence,” by David A. Frank and “The Second Amendment as Demanding Subject: Figuring the Marginalized Subject in Demands for an Unbridled Second Amendment,” by Laura J. Collins.

The complete collection, called “MUSE in Focus: Addressing Gun Violence,” is available here.

“In light of the dramatically urgent questions that arise from these issues, we wanted to make this material available quickly, to the widest possible readership of concerned professionals and citizens,” said Gabriel Dotto, MSU Press director.

The material was selected by the publishers and the Project MUSE staff to provide a broad range of perspectives and expertise relevant to the policy debates that are inevitably renewed with each new incident of gun violence.

“While MUSE content is available to millions of researchers worldwide through their subscribing institutions, it was important to us that this work be made available to everyone,” said Wendy Queen, Project MUSE director.

Participating publishers include Johns Hopkins University Press, Michigan State University Press, Penn State University Press, University of Massachusetts Press, University of Michigan Press, University of North Carolina Press and University of Pennsylvania Press.

“It’s tremendously important that the voices of experts and the insights of years of relevant research have full weight in the discussion of gun policy by lawmakers, journalists and the public,” said Barbara Kline Pope, director of Johns Hopkins University Press. “Lives literally depend on understanding that research-based solutions and consensus are possible and we are grateful for the opportunity to include important work published by Michigan State University Press in this effort.”

Elise Jajuga Via MSU TODAY

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