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MSU ranks among top 100 global universities

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U.S. News and World Report included Michigan State University in the top echelon of global universities on its fifth annual Best Global University rankings.

Out of nearly 1,400 universities worldwide, MSU ranked no. 90 overall, and 20 academic programs – ranging from engineering to animal sciences – appeared on the 2019 ranking.

MSU’s five top-ranked programs, all appearing in the top 50, include:

  • Plant and animal sciences – no. 9
  • Agricultural science – no. 18
  • Economics and business – no. 28
  • Environment and ecology – no. 34
  • Social science and public health – no. 50

Also appearing in the top 100 programs are: arts and humanities, computer science, mathematics, physics, psychiatry and psychology and space science.

MSU’s top-100 position on the U.S. News and World Report ranking complements that of Times Higher Ed, the other major global ranking of more than 1,250 universities, on which it ranks no. 93.

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