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MSU Research History: Advances in Biometric Systems

2008 – Anil Jain, Michigan State University Distinguished Professor of computer science and engineering, creates an automatic image retrieval system that enables law enforcement agencies to match scars, marks and tattoos to identify suspects and victims.

Called “Tattoo-ID,” the software program includes an annotated database containing images of scars, marks and tattoos, provided by law enforcement agencies. Each tattoo image in the database is linked to the criminal history records of all the suspects and convicts who have a tattoo. If users, like police officers, provide a tattoo image query, the system automatically retrieves the most similar tattoo images from the database along with the linked criminal history records.

Over the next several years, Jain will continue to make advances in facial recognition systems and will create 3-D targets for calibrating optical fingerprint sensors.

Source: Jung-Eun Lee; Anil K. Jain; Rong Jin; “Scars, marks and tattoos (SMT): Soft biometric for suspect and victim identification;” 2008 Biometrics Symposium, BSYM; Tampa, FL; United States; 23 September 2008 through 25 September 2008; Category numberCFP0874A; Code 74305. 2008:1-8:[4655515].

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