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MSU Research History: Homogenization of Milk?

glass of milk

1929 – Michigan State University dairy industry pioneer G. Malcolm Trout made significant progress in milk production methods, but he did not invent the processes of pasteurization nor homogenization.

Instead, he built on the work of two legendary Frenchmen: in 1864, Louis Pasteur discovered that heating kills most bacteria in liquids such as wine, beer or milk; in 1899, Auguste Gaulin patented a ‘homogenizing’ machine that emulsified milk. Trout linked the processes of pasteurization and homogenization, finding that homogenized milk needed to be pasteurized first in order to have an appealing taste.



“In 1929 he researched and developed a homogenization process for milk. He discovered that for homogenized milk to taste good it must be pasteurized first. He wrote a book called Homogenized Milk which became a respected book on the subject.”

Biographical Note, “Biographical Papers of Malcolm C. Trout,” UA.17.127, Michigan State University Archives & Historical Collections, East Lansing, Michigan.


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