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MSU Research History: Weather Reports, Pre-Weather Bureau

1863 – Robert C. Kedzie, M.D., begins making and recording weather observations, eight years before the U.S. Government established the Weather Bureau. Kedzie also demonstrates through his experiments that sugar beets can be successfully cultivated in Michigan.

According to William James Beal, who wrote an early history of the university, Kedzie worked to protect consumers from volatile kerosene and eliminate trade in arsenic-laden wallpaper.

Source: William James Beal, History of the Michigan Agricultural College, And Biographical Sketches of Trustees and Professors, (1915)

  • Page 4: “Eight years before the U.S. Government inaugurated a Weather Bureau, Dr. R.C. Kedzie began making and recording weather observations at the Michigan Agricultural College; this was in April, 1863.”
  • Page 407:”From 1888 to 1894 he experimented and ascertained that southern Michigan was well adapted to growing sugar-beets.”

Photo: MSU Archives
Caption: Robert Kedzie lectures on gasoline, 1892

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