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MSU Survey Says Starting Salaries Strong for College Grads

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College graduates landing new jobs this year should see some of the best starting salaries in a decade, predicts a Michigan State University survey of more than 4,300 employers.

Starting salaries for graduates in all degree levels are expected to increase an average of 4 percent. Even more impressive: 48 percent of survey respondents said they will raise starting salary offers – a 9 percent increase over last year.

“We have not seen this level of employers raising salary offers since 2006-07,” said Phil Gardner, director of the annual Recruiting Trends survey and an MSU economist. “It’s the first sign that salaries are beginning to rise at a fast pace.”

Hiring of college graduates is also expected to increase at a rapid pace. Read more here.

Here’s a snapshot of starting salaries for graduates with bachelor’s degrees in select jobs:

  • Electrical engineering: $62,428
  • Software design: $61,466
  • Civil engineering: $54,333
  • Human resources: $47,272
  • Accounting: $47,245
  • Nursing: $46,159
  • Marketing: $44,087
  • Agriculture business: $44,026
  • Criminal justice: $39,622
  • High school math and science teacher: $38,841
  • Social work: $37,115
  • Pre-K and kindergarten teacher: $35,626

– – Phil Gardner, Andy Henion via MSU Today

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