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New Office to Support Postdoctoral Fellows

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Aaron Reifler has been named the inaugural director of MSU’s recently established Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, which provides increased support for the work and work lives of the university’s postdoctoral fellows and continued support for the activities of the MSU Postdoctoral Association.

Reifler and his family are Michigan natives, and he comes to MSU from the University of Michigan. He has a master’s degree and certification in secondary education, with international classroom teaching experience in early elementary through graduate education.

He also has a Ph.D. in neuroscience, with a 12-year research career with publications in Current Biology, PNAS and other high-impact journals.

MSU’s Office of Postdoctoral Affairs was established in November 2018, with Antonio Nunez, associate dean for academic affairs and postdoctoral education, serving as the office’s  interim director during a permanent search.

The office has many responsibilities, including enhancement of career development resources available to postdoctoral scholars, as well as improvement of the postdoctoral experience at MSU.

MSU is home to nearly 500 research associates and postdoctoral fellows who have been served by the graduate school, but are not graduate students. The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs’ goal is to support them and help them to make a successful transition to other roles.

The office space is on the first floor of Owen Hall.

Jessica Hanna Via MSU TODAY

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