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Stem Cell Research at Michigan State University

Michigan State University has long been a major contributor to advances in studies of biological systems, studying the fundamental building blocks of life—cells, proteins, genes—to understand the complexity of living systems, from microbes to mammals.

The highly interdisciplinary nature of MSU’s research community means that biologists, geneticists, and others in the life and medical sciences collaborate extensively with physical scientists, mathematicians, and engineers. Our progress in the area of stem cell research and regenerative medicine is no exception. The researchers listed on these web pages work together in group laboratory environments and across universities, industries and international borders in the pursuit of new knowledge.

Photo: A colony of embryonic stem cells, from the H9 cell line (NIH code: WA09). Viewed at 10X with Carl Zeiss Axiovert scope. (The cells in the background are mouse fibroblasts cells. Only the colony in the centre are human embryonic stem cells)