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Sun Selected as an Emerging Investigator

Faculty finds solutions for marginalized communities
Headshot of the professor. He seems to be standing in a lab wearing a blue shirt

Professor Liangliang Sun

Professor Liangliang Sun and his research group have made important progress in developing novel mass spectrometry-based analytical tools with extremely high sensitivity and high capacity for comprehensive characterization of proteins, protein post-translational modifications, and protein complexes in the cell.

Since 2016, the Sun group has published 17 peer-reviewed papers in well-respected analytical chemistry journals including five papers in the ACS journal Analytical Chemistry.

Prof. Sun was identified as an Emerging Investigator in analytical chemistry by the Editor-in-chief of the Royal Society of Chemistry journal, Analytical Methods.

Anal. Methods, 2019, 11, 2855.

Sun’s work on capillary electrophoresis-tandem mass spectrometry with ultraviolet photodissociation for top-down proteomics has been featured on the back cover of the journal in one recent issue.

Dr. Sun was recruited to MSU as part of the Global Impact Initiative.

Contact:  lsun@chemistry.msu.edu

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