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William J. Beal

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Wednesday, March 3, 2021
glass of milk

In 1929, MSU Professor G. Malcolm Trout did not like the taste of milk. Back in 1864, Louis Pasteur had discovered that heating milk—or wine or beer—killed most…

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MSU Research History: Longest Running Seed Germination Test?

Wednesday, January 1, 1879

1879 – Botany professor W.J. Beal buries 20 bottles, each with 1,050 seeds from 21 species, instructing that one be dug up periodically and that the seeds be planted…

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MSU Research History: Beal First in Hybrid Corn

Sunday, June 1, 1873
W. J. Beal in Beal Gardens

1873 – Botany professor W. J. Beal becomes one of the pioneers in the development of hybrid corn, and doubles the yield of corn plantings at the time. The…

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