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Thermochemical Energy Researcher Klausner Named MSU Foundation Professor

James F. Klausner

Michigan State University (MSU) has named James F. Klausner an MSU Foundation Professor. Klausner, who joined MSU on January 1, 2016, as chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, was previously the Newton C. Ebaugh Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of Florida in Gainesville and a program director at the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy.

According to MSU Provost June Pierce Youatt, MSU Foundation Professorships demonstrate the university’s commitment to recognizing and rewarding world-class scholars. The title is bestowed by MSU, with support from the MSU Foundation, to provide five years of supplemental research support to awardees. Klausner will hold the MSU Foundation Professor designation permanently.

“Professor Klausner’s academic strength and leadership skills, as well as his deep understanding of the research environment nationally, make him the ideal MSU Foundation Professor,” said Youatt.

Leo Kempel, dean of the College of Engineering, said Klausner’s work with thermochemical energy storage, energy efficient manufacturing, and  thermal management for energy efficient processes represents cutting edge research. “Dr. Klausner’s focus on waste heat and solar-driven, low temperature desalination, solar thermal energy-driven synthetic fuel synthesis, heat exchangers for spacecraft, and high-heat flux cooling has had – and will continue to have – a significant impact on the field.”

Stephen Hsu, Vice President of Research and Graduate Studies said, “Dr. Klausner has provided substantial thought leadership to the U.S. Department of Energy, routinely serves on National Aeronautics and Space Administration and National Science Foundation panels, and has been invited as a keynote speaker at several high profile international heat transfer conferences.  That is the sort of profile that the MSU Foundation Professor designation was designed to encourage.”

A Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineering and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Sciences, Klausner serves on the editorial boards of the International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow, Frontiers in Heat and Mass Transfer, and the Open Journal for Thermodynamics.

Klausner, who earned his doctorate from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in 1989, has authored more than 100 technical publications in the thermal fluid sciences and holds eight patents or patent applications.

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