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Trustees Approve Funding Request For Greenhouse Expansion

plants in an msu greenhouse

The Michigan State University Board of Trustees is supporting a state funding request for the renovation and expansion of plant science greenhouses to enhance research and education.

MSU is a global leader in plant science and is working to maximize productivity of crops to meet the needs of a growing world population. The $20.9 million project will create modern and energy-efficient greenhouses and allow for an increase in innovative research capacity for crop resilience.

“Investments in this critical research infrastructure will accelerate the ability of MSU to address large scale problems like understanding how crop diseases and changing climate interact and impact our food supply,” said George Smith, associate dean of research and associate director of MSU AgBioResearch. “The amount, type and quality of greenhouse space currently available on campus significantly limits the research potential of the plant science research community.”

The university is asking the state of Michigan to provide $15 million toward the project in capital outlay funding. Agriculture is the second largest contributor to the Michigan economy with approximately $104 billion in revenue and employing 17% of the state’s workforce.

Emily Guerrant Via MSU TODAY

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