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Undergrad Research Published in 5th Red Cedar Journal

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Undergraduate student research engaging several areas of study – biofuels, music, emotional stress, Vietnam, exercise and religion – has been published in the fifth volume of the Red Cedar Undergraduate Research journal.

Members of the Michigan State University Honors College and participants of the University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forumcan submit research and creative works for consideration.

Publication of the fifth volume was a collaborative effort between the student contributors, the ReCUR Student editorial board and the ReCUR editorial staff.

Works highlighted in this volume include:

  • From Technical Assistant to Total Antagonist: Stanley Sheinbaum and Vietnam (by J. Andrew Stables)
  • Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone: Stress, the Brain and the Gut (by Andrew Mecca, Nadine El-Ayache and James Galligan)
  • The Effects of Prolonged Intense Exercise on Blood Glucose Metabolism in Healthy Individuals (by Brad Riedinger, Roy Small and Erica Wehrwein)
  • Beef, Cowboys and Republicans: The Rugged Aaron Copland? (by Sarah Tomlinson)
  • Novel Alkaline Hydrogen Peroxide Pretreatment Enhances the Enzymatic Digestibility of Woody Biomass Substrates under Ambient Condition (by Charles
  • Chen, Zhenglun Li, Eric Hegg and David B. Hodge)
  • Animism, Animals and Agriculture: Animal Husbandry in 19th Century Shaker Religious Practice (by Julia Johnson)

“Students at MSU are asking tough questions with an eye toward working collaboratively to find solutions to a range of issues facing our world today,” said Cynthia Jackson-Elmoore, ReCUR editor-in-chief and dean of the Honors College. “It’s an honor to publish the interdisciplinary work of these students as they explore how research and creative works can affect change.”

University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum

The annual University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum (UURAF) provides Michigan State undergraduate students with an opportunity to showcase their scholarship and creative activity. Held each spring in the historic MSU Union, UURAF brings together an intellectual community of highly motivated students to share their work with faculty, peers, and external audiences.

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