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Michigan Researchers Pool Resources for Water Initiative

Joan Rose

Michigan’s University Research Corridor – an alliance of Michigan State University, the University of Michigan, and Wayne State University – has launched a collaborative project focused on water infrastructure on a state and national level. The initiative, known as Infrastructure Network for Water, or IN-Water, aims to connect researchers and practitioners through the exchange of ideas about advanced technologies, creative solutions, and barriers to implementing best practices.

By connecting recognized experts in the field of water infrastructure, the IN-Water network envisions providing a knowledge base for cities struggling with aging water and wastewater infrastructure. If successful, the organizers hope the water initiative will serve as a model to apply science to practice across multiple infrastructure systems, including transportation, communications and energy.

Michigan State University’s key researcher on the project is Joan Rose, the Homer Nowlin Chair in Water Research, an internationally recognized expert in water microbiology, water quality and public health and safety. She was the 2016 recipient of the Stockholm Water Prize, the world’s most prestigious water award.

Noting that universities are currently conducting research in broad-ranging areas, from the molecules and the nanoparticles within water to the practical innovations around technology, she says “often we don’t get the opportunities to test those out in the real world, to understand how the new information and the new data can actually be turned into knowledge that makes a difference in normal people’s lives.”

She has been interviewed extensively about IN-Water and topics related to water safety. Listen to Michigan Radio: Universities team up to plan next-generation water infrastructure.


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